True Believers Apparel: Round Two

Today I am excited to announce the second round of pre-orders from True Believers Apparel - Ann Beretta and The Fest!  As with every tee in this collection, $5 from the sale of these shirts will be donated to Doctors Without Borders - an organization is helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations here in the States.

Ann Beretta

I cannot honestly tell you when I first came across Ann Beretta. The music has just been an integral part of the fabric of this community for as long as I have known it - from the early Fueled By Ramen years and Lookout! Records to more recently with Richmond's SAY-10 Records.  I am just so thankful to Rob who immediately wanted to get involved in this project and Freeman, a local tattoo artist, for creating this incredible piece of art specifically for this project.

The Fest

The Fest
is the longest running tradition in my life. Attending every year since 2009, the Halloween-ish weekend is my highest of holy days.  I live in a small beach town that is positioned just perfectly so that touring bands skip the area on their way from DC and Baltimore to Philly or NJ/NYC... so I truly look forward to Gainesville each October.  Not only can I see dozens of my favorite bands in the Florida sun, but it is a family reunion - a rallying point for friends spread out across the country to meet once every year.

Outside of The Fest's incredible lineup of music, comedy and wrestling, my friends and I celebrate the food!  Hot dogs from the cart next to Loosey's. Pizza slices from Five Star. And oh so may tacos between Flacos and Boca Fiesta!  Of course all washed down with a Pabst tall boy (and hydrating supply of water and Gatorade). This shirt celebrates the spirit of Fest Friends on a seasonally perfect burnt orange tee.
A huge thank you to Tony and Sara for not only participating in this project, but making The Fest happen every year for our community.