New Small Brown Bike Tee - Benefiting Travis' Cancer Fight Club!

Small Brown Bike Deconstruct Rebuild T-ShirtBy the time I got introduced to Small Brown Bike "The River Bed" was probably right around the corner, but as a touring band - they were winding down.  As I was young and they were playing mostly local shows, I never got to see them live.

In 2009 my friend Kyle called me to say that this was the year we needed to go to The Fest.  He needled me that Small Brown Bike would be there - a rare outing. That did it.  I was going to The Fest for the first time (and I never missed a year since - until the pandemic shut down the 2020 edition).  

I finally got to see them live on that first day of The Fest 8 in The Venue alongside A Wilhelm Scream and American Steel.  The next day, all sunburned from the pool party, a few dozen of us packed into the tiny back room of Flaco's (where they sell tacos now!) to see an acoustic set.  Unfortunately it was a time before quality cell phones or I'd have some incredible footage from that sing-along. 

There is no great wrap up to this story but to say: I am a fan for life and I've never missed the opportunity to see them play since.  Their music has meant the world to me ever since I first heard "See You in Hell" some eighteen-ish years ago. There are songs in their catalog that for the rest of my days will never fail to automatically trigger incredibly specific memories of times, places and people. And for that, I cannot thank them enough.

When Travis shared his news, I figured there had to be some way to lend a hand - so I reached out to him.  He was incredibly generous in agreeing to do this shirt.  With it I am hopeful that, like with our first True Believers Apparel tees (that benefitted Doctors Without Borders), our community can come together to help someone who would really appreciate our support.

Pre-order the Deconstruct Rebuild t-shirt knowing that 100% of all profits from the sales will be donated back to Travis.  I expect to ship them around the new year.

If cool black band shirts aren't your thing (how'd you end up here?), there is a GoFundMe campaign to help!