Left Behind: Discography Now Available

Cliff's Notes: Left Behind's complete digital discography is out today!

Left BehindOn this very night, ten years ago...or on a thunderstorm filled Sunday nearly 18 years ago, my friend and I took the 45 minute drive to Wilkes University.  We were going to see one of our favorite bands, Breaking Pangaea, and a young band from New York - Coheed and Cambria.  We had seen Coheed back in December 2001 and were in love with their new Equal Vision Records' debut "The Second Stage Turbine Blade".

It could be a false memory, but I could swear there were about five people in attendance that were not in the bands.  It was bad enough that Coheed's drummer Josh Eppard took our names to guest list us on the next show.  For some reason, he thought we needed nicknames and said I should be 'Eroc'. (Then for some other reason, this has remained my internet handle ever since because who does any changing after 16?!)

This lackluster crowd gave me time to also talk with the opening band who really impressed me.  (Though apparently the show was bad enough for a member to quit immediately after.)  They were called Left Behind.  They were a pop punk quartet from West Chester and seemed like real sweethearts.  We traded information so that I could book them for a future show in my hometown of Tamaqua and a copy of their CD EP "The Stop, Drop and Rock Sessions".

This was the start of friendship that is now almost old enough to buy a lottery ticket.  I now literally know them for more time than years of my life previously where I did not.

They would come to play a handful of shows in our little coal town scene.  I would "help" them release one of their albums ("Two in the Chest") on my first d.i.y label (a.k.a front them money to slap my label on their CD).

They ran their course as a band but we always stayed in touch to a degree - and most of them are still playing music.  Abe and Nick are in an indie rock outfit Wax Wav and Andrew plays bass in the melodic hardcore Crossed Keys.

Today marks 15 years since they played their last show together and we are celebrating. My label Black Shirt Music just released their full discography to the digital world for the first time. Then on June 20, Left Behind is playing a reunion show alongside Game Over and 3 Star China at Spaceboy Clothing in Wilmington, Delaware.

It has been a long weird road - things coming full circle in a way, but I love these folks and I hope you dig a listen!