Introducing True Believers Apparel

True Believers AppareI want to introduce you all to True Believers Apparel - a new member of the Black Shirt Music family created to support charitable needs.

For the first project, I have teamed up with a bunch of outstanding bands made up of great people.  With the support of these artists, True Believers Apparel is releasing a new limited edition t-shirt for each. 

Each shirt sale will not only be supporting these musicians during a time where they are unable to perform live, but also donate $5 to Doctors Without Borders who is helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations here in the States.

I cannot thank each of these bands enough - Digger, Weston, Samiam, Crossed Keys, American Television and Fire In The Radio - for their willingness to get involved and try to help those in need.  But I need to say an especially big thank you to Crossed Keys' bassist and Netflix star Andrew Wellbrock for pushing this project so hard and helping me to reach out to so many people.